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First in Southeast Asia: ZipMatch makes home buying a virtual reality

MANILA, Philippines – Online real estate marketplace ZipMatch has launched its 360 Virtual Reality service aimed at making the home buying process easier for property seekers and sellers.

As property viewing is an integral step in the home buying process and the use of the Internet and mobile devices is on the rise, ZipMatch decided to launch the 360 Virtual Reality service to give real estate sellers the ability to conduct on-demand viewing of residential projects or model units for interested buyers without having to visit the actual location of the property.

The new technology makes it easier for home buyers to check out real estate projects they are interested in, through the use of a computer or mobile device, as well as a pair of 360 Virtual Reality goggles.

The service is being made available by the startup as a subscription feature under ZipMatch Pro, a full-service technology-based toolbox for brokers, sales agents, developers and real estate sellers.

Using the subscription feature, ZipMatch Pro subscribers can browse, select, and showcase the clear, video-quality moving images of properties in 360 degrees, using a desktop or mobile device by accessing the company’s website or mobile app ZipMatch Pro.

To enhance the viewing experience and make home buyers feel as if they are inside the property for sale, brokers can set up the virtual reality access by making use of the ZipMatch 360 Virtual Reality goggles.

ZipMatch co-founder Chow Paredes said during the launch of the virtual reality service the technology not only helps home buyers in their selection of the property, but also caters to real estate professionals seeking to improve their service to customers.

“The mission of ZipMatch is to empower home buyers, right? In the same way, we also aim to empower the seller side of the real estate industry, more specifically our real estate professionals. We believe that our real estate professionals play a pivotal role in creating a healthy, open, sustainable marketplace of well-informed, savvy home seekers. If we raise the bar in terms of service, knowledge, and education, I believe we will be indirectly helping the home buyers by connecting them with well-rounded, real estate sellers who will address their needs and wants,” she said.

ZipMatch is the first company in Southeast Asia to offer virtual reality images of real estate projects for sale.

Following the launch of the new service in the Philippines, ZipMatch is looking to bring the technology to Indonesia within the year.

Founded in 2012, ZipMatch provides property listings and develops technology tools to help speed up the home selling or home buying process.

The startup has received support from Monk’s Hill Ventures, 500 Startups, IMJ Fenox, 500 Startups, Ideaspace Foundation and Hatchd Digital.

Among the startup’s clients are Ayala Land, Anchor Land and Crown Asia Properties.

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